Hello! He'sI'm Matt


I'm enthusiastic programmer.

I'm a studentYes he's broke that loves learning new things, and most importantly loves programming.
It all started when a younger me started loving computer, started loving the magic behind them.
I loved buying new computer parts, just so I can see how they work.
Later on I started being interesting in the 'computer brain' part, AKA CPU and its languages.
I'm not the best nowaday, as I'm still learning! :)

The first magic time

Yes, as basic as it sounds, my first project was 'Hello World' built in C#.
This easy yet important piece of code looked like a magic to me back then.
Console.WriteLine("Hello World");

This piece of code was simply a magic.

playing guitar!

I really love playing guitar .
I started playing guitar to cheer myself, and others up.
I wouldn't say I'm good at it, but learning new things takes time!
My guitar


Project Image

Spotify Tools

Website with tools, tips and tricks for Spotify.
Probably one of my most favorite websites I made yet.

Project Image

Among us avatar creator

This project allows users to generate their own Among Us avatar for free. It was fun project to make

Project Image

This website

I had a lot of fun creating this portfolio website. I hate him too

Project Image

Current Weather (Animated)

A little project I've made using weather API.
You can see the outcome on Codepen

Project Image

Mini Music Player W/ Visualizer

Small idea in my head that became reality.
A small music player that his its own visualizer!

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